Tribunal, Royal Palace

Built between the years of 1904-1906, having the same architect as the Casino, the Royal Palace was designed for the royal family as a summer residence.

Royal Palace in Constanta was the first royal residence on the Black Sea and the construction began in 1902 was finished in 1906, the year King Charles I celebrate four decades of rule and just over a quarter century since Dobrogians it became subject.

Inside, beautiful oil frescoes ornau the official reception saloons, the spacious reception hall and some of the king's working chambers. With the rise of the Royal Palace in Constanta, the seaside town entered the extremely short range of the country's official residence, King Carol I wanting to give him, at the end of his life, at least as much attention as the one at Sinaia. The southern facade of the Royal Palace has two long terraces, closed with wrought-iron metalwork that announces the Art Nouveau miroboln. Another entrance to the building, the eastern one, is also marked by a porch specific to neo-romanism.

Although at first sober King Charles I believed that his palace in Constanta will be rather a residence relaxing destination quickly entered the official protocol. From here, from the Royal Palace in Constanta, Carol I frequently followed the great preparations for the inauguration of the Light that bears his name, one of the most modern in Europe at that time, but certainly, he lived moments from the land offensive adventure of the Romanian Army Bulgaria in the summer of 1913 and tasted the sublime reunion of Dobrogea, the province loved.

The odds were good for old former residence of Charles I and if, in an act of historic justice today in the former Administrative Palace Royal (Constanta Tribunal), above all, the law is the one that has the last word.

Here you can find the address of the Constanţa Tribunal:

Str. Traian, 31, Constanta

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