The statue of Victory

Perhaps the most representative monument of the socialist period is the statue of Victory.

The Victory Monument is made in the style of socialist realism and glorifies the antifascist struggle of the Romanian people. It was unveiled in the year 1968, and her creator was Boris Caragea.

In the history of Romanian art, the name of the sculptor Boris Caragea represents controversy, glory, destruction, denial, then returning to a completely different register. An artist of extremes. Born in Balchik, where he earned his adolescence as a barge, Caragea became the favorite artist of the Royal House, and later became the official sculptor of the communist regime.

Dobrogean Boris Caragea was born at 24 January 1906 in Balchik (Cadrilater), growing on the Black Sea terraces among the archaeological remains of Cap Caliacra. Son of the Sea, Boris gained his life as a barge for a while, but life had great plans with him, as his impressive physique. He has received many orders, making important plastic works, including: "Pain", "Disc Thrower" - made in 1958 and located on the cliff in Constanta

Here you can find the address of Victoria Statue in Constanţa:

Traian Street, Constanţa City Hall Park

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