Marine Museum Constanta

The permanent exhibition is structured in chronological order and comprises four sections: old, medieval, modern and contemporary history.

In the first rooms three-dimensional objects - bas-reliefs, epigraphic moldings, coins, graphic works, transmit information on the beginning of navigation on these in the space between the mountains, the Danube and the Great. The generous space over 10.000 mp is organized in 22 by theme rooms, which include numerous exhibits deeply connected with the history of the city and the navy.

Particular importance is attached to the founding of the three western Pontic fortresses, Histria, Tomis and Callatis, to the interference of the material and spiritual culture of Greek colonists with that of the Dobrogea natives. In the many years of co-existence between the Geto-Dacian natives and the Greek world, complex relationships have been established. Probably some of the many Getae in Dobrogea hired sailors in the crews of the Histrian, Tomato or Callatian ships.

With the help of layouts, graphics, photographs and many original objects, the museum's basic exhibition illustrates the entry into service of new military and commercial ships, the MIRCEA (II) ship-school, the evolution of naval schools, related issues the establishment of the Romanian Naval League. Romania's entry into World War II in the year of 1941 has reorientated the naval policy of the country towards the fulfillment of missions imposed by hostilities.

The last rooms of the museum are devoted to the rebuilding of the Military and Civilian Fleet after 1947, a process that has started hard, mainly due to the Soviet control exercised in the first years after the war.
Here you can find the visiting program and address of the Constanta Marine Museum:
Str. Traian nr. 53
Program: Wednesday - Sunday: 9: 00 - 17: 00; Monday to Tuesday: closed
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