Early registrations at Mamaia

Early Subscriptions

The program started Early Subscriptions at Mamaia. Many hotels in Mamaia resort have joined this program, including the Park Hotel. Only during this period (01.05-01.06) you can book your travel packages online at the most advantageous rates with discounts up to 30%.

Your seaside holiday in Mamaia resort can also be financially advantageous if you take care to arrange everything in advance. Any offer that you want to benefit from is the more financially advantageous, as it is done earlier. Summer vacation is the most anticipated holiday of the year, as it always offers relaxation and fun that we do not have in the other months of the year.

On the summer holiday we dreamed many months before the summer season's start, because it is the most expected relaxation period of a whole year. The various tourism fairs organized in winter and spring, mainly, offer many opportunities to spend the seaside holidays in Romania. The generous sun, the fine sand and the seaside fun are all good reasons to choose the Romanian seaside for your vacation.

More and more Romanians are interested in the purchase of advantageous tourist packages in financial terms. By means of the early enrollment program, the hotels ensure a good winter and spring season for the summer season and beyond. Mamaia resort is always preferred to tourists, the places here are harder to find, as the summer season starts.

The bids available under the early enrollment program are mainly chosen for families with underage children. They can also choose all-inclusive packages to ensure they have no worries during their stay at sea. The surprises that many of them have here are numerous, the many festivals, events and parties that tourists have on the Romanian seaside, providing everyone with a holiday or holiday as expected.

These include Navy Day, Tomis Ancient Festival, fashion shows and carnival in Mamaia. Those who make full payment for the days booked through this early enrollment program can benefit from the biggest discounts. The competition of Romanian and foreign seaside resorts in Bulgaria, Greece and Turkey is all the more intense, all resulting in better quality services and lower prices due to beneficial competition.

Another advantage of a time-limited holiday is that you can make detailed plans for what you will do on your summer vacation. You can build a route from which you will not go away, with visits to the most important sights in the immediate vicinity of the Romanian seaside. The very good prices obtained through the early enrollment program (also known as Early Booking) allow anyone to book a dream holiday at the Black Sea, even if they do not have generous funds.

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