Genoese Lighthouse

The lighthouse was built around 1300 by the Genoese who traded in the harbor and restored between 1858-1860 years and French architect Artin Aslan.

The monument has a height of 16 meters, octagonal shape and is built of natural stone blocks, carved on all faces and joined together with lime mortar and sea sand mixed with shells.

The lighthouse guided the sailors with his white light that rose to 21 meters above sea level and had a visibility of about 5 kilometers offshore. Unlike other buildings of the same type, the light of the lighthouse in Constanta did not turn. The establishment functioned until the year of 1905 when it was replaced with a modern light, becoming at that moment one of the most famous and picturesque monuments of Constanta.

Practical and ambitious, the British often looked to the sea, from the steep and deserted cliff of the city. They will modernize the harbor because the Ottoman sultan has promised that all the taxes of the ships that will land the gates will be collected by Queen Victoria's subjects. For this, without a gift and perhaps, it has to build a new lighthouse, necessary for the seasons not at all friendly on this shore. The place where they had settled had a good economic potential, these Englishmen spoke at the five o'clock frequencies or the long boring evenings in the new stone houses that remembered their islands.

The Lighthouse has carefully guided, centuries in a row, those who have come from everywhere and are today the main heroes of the history of Constanta.

Here you can find the Address of the Genoese Lighthouse in Constanta:

Remus Opreanu Street, Constanţa

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