Fleet Command

In over 100 years of existence the construction had several destinations, many of them related to the Military Navy. In the 1978 year, the building becomes the headquarters of the Military Navy, and 2009 is the headquarters of the Fleet Command.

The building was built between the years 1879 and 1881, according to the plans of architect Alexandru Orăscu, neoclassical style with frontoons. He first served as a hotel, first called "Terminus", then "Carol". Between 1924 and 1927, the building was bordered and became an officer hostel, being taken over by the Military Circle.

by Genoese Lighthouse was erected by English company Danube and Black Sea Railway Co. Limited, known for the construction of the Constanţa - Cernavoda railway line, the imposing Terminus hotel. The grandiose façade with many windows gave it a splendid look. The hotel has 90 with spacious rooms and lounges with balconies. Inside, several hot and cold bathrooms were arranged on each floor of the hotel. Later, the hotel was lighted with electricity.

The construction has a solid foundation, being raised on a rock of 14 meters deep, made of mortar bricks. Between the years 1924-1927 the building was bunked, and between the 1982-1983 years it was restored, but its neoclassical style was preserved. During the 1925-1927 period, the building was turned into a warden's home. Moreover, the Military Navy bought it for this purpose: military hotel, organizing here in 1932 the first exhibition of a museum of the Romanian Navy. After 1944, he was still a warden for 1958 to become the headquarters of local businesses.
Since 1978, the Military Navy and the Admiralty Command operate here.

Here you can find the address of the Fleet Command in Constanta:

Strada Remus Opreanu 13, Constanţa

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