House with lions

The imposing seafront building was built according to the plans of the Romanian architect Ion Berindei, between 1895 and 1898.

The Lei House and the fame of Loniay, aristocrat, a concubine of Constanza of World War I, is another unknown story of the city.

After the First World War, the Lion House became a bank headquarter for 1921, and Bebi Emirzian, the son of Dicran, lived in the house until 1941 when he moved to Bucharest. The building then had more tenants, and in 1950 it was nationalized. In the 70 years, the Lion House underwent a restoration process, being transformed into a famous restaurant at that time, which functioned until the first years after the Revolution of 1989.

The main façade to Dianei Street is represented by the four columns of colossal order, with high stone sockets. At the top of each column, by placing a lion of stone, a special architectural effect was achieved, giving the building the originality that we remember almost every time when it comes to this building.

The building impresses with an impressive, well-preserved architecture that stops the light at various times of the day with fascinating details. Stilistically, the building belongs to eclecticism, specific to the nineteenth century. The principle of this style is to choose the elements of classicism, rebirth, and baroque, combining them into a new synthesis, never the same.

Here you can find the address of the Lion House in Constanta:

Strada Dianei, Constanţa

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