Hotel Parc Mamaia

The sea has always been an attraction for all of us. Since the beginning of times until today the sea was considered to be a meaningful place, and today the sea represents the perfect location for the tourists and for all those who want to have some fully relaxation moments or fun at the highest levels. The sea has been described in poems, there are a lot of songs about the sea, the sea has always been more than a muse, or an inspirational source. It will always be considered a symbol of beauty, of wellness and one of full sweet freedom.

Romania has the chance to have direct access to the Black Sea, and this represents a huge potential, the Black Sea shore being considered today one of the pillars of the Romanian tourism. It is easy to understand that the sea shore has also special places, highly developed and made so that they can offer the best to the tourists, and one of those places is Mamaia.

Almost a part of Constanta and having a great geographical position, Mamaia gain a fully deserved true nickname of "the pearl of Romanian sea shore". The development of the resort started since 1906, but the real boom was in 1959-1965, when the resort was equipped with many facilities meant to help it regain the nickname that we talked about a little bit earlier. At that time many hotels were built, one of them being Mamaia Parc Hotel, which today is one of the most searched by yhe tourists from around the world.

Being built as a high tower building, Parc Hotel Mamaia was restored a few years ago so now it has all that it takes to be one of the main attractions of the resort. Being built only 10 metres away from the beach, at the entrance of the Mamaia resort, the hotel is equipped with modern facilities to insure the relaxation for those who want it, or the fun for those who are directly interested about it. A big advantage of the hotel is the location, this being close to Aqua Magic Parc, to the telegondola or to the Exhibition Pavilion.
In our hotel there are available 380 places completely renewed and brought to a maximum level of comfort, which gave to the hotel, along with highly specialised personnel and other facilities, four well deserved stars. And since we are talking about facilities, we can talk about a beach pool, a restaurant that is able to host 190 persons which has also a special breakfast room, a parking space, beauty centre, a shop, fitness places and conference rooms, and also bicycles and games rentals.
For those who love to hear the sound of the waves as first thing in the morning and love a relaxation oasis, it seems that every condition for a good vacation are fulfilled here, so an invitation coming from someone else is useless. We are expecting you in our hotel so that you can enjoy the best of our offers and to offer you a well deserved vacation at standards that are going to match your every desires.

Hotel Parc Mamaia

Hotel Parc, Mamaia Bd, Constanta, Romania
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